Falling in love with Flutter

Over the years, my programming background shifted from backend (C++, C# .NET) to full stack, to the point where I now spend more time doing front end work than backend. Meanwhile, I’ve been interested in mobile apps but the idea of writing iOS apps using Objective-C or Swift with Xcode (I don’t even own a Mac) or Android apps in Java — none of it really appealed to me. But a couple of weeks ago I read a tech article on Google’s Flutter. [Read More]

2018 - My year in review: Books!

I set out to listen to 50 audiobooks in 2018, and I flew by that goal and completed 70. It sounds impressive, and on some level it is! But honestly, it’s a meaningless number. Why? Because a book isn’t a very good unit of measure. Obviously, some books are quite long and others quite short. Not surprisingly, the bulk of the books I listened to this year were short. Here’s what the Goodreads “number of books” graph looks like: [Read More]

Scribd’s (not so) unlimited plan

Note: I originally published this on Medium on Sep 10, 2018. As a voracious consumer of audiobooks, I was excited to try Scribd’s new “Unlimited Subscription” program introduced in early 2018. For $8.99/month, they give you access to an “unlimited* number of books and audiobooks”. Contrast this to Audible’s 1-credit per month at $14.95/month and this looks like an incredible deal. But unlimited doesn’t literally mean unlimited. Not like, say, how Netflix or Spotify mean unlimited. [Read More]

Why you need to use a password manager

Note: I originally published this on Medium on Nov 5, 2015. We’ve all been there: You visit a new website and inevitably you’re asked to create an account. If you’re lucky, the site lets you piggyback off of an existing site’s credentials, such as Google or Facebook. But if not, you need to come up with yet another password; Remember that you never want to reuse a password because if a site’s security is compromised (which happens all too frequently), hackers will try your username and password on all major websites — online banks and email accounts — things that can really screw up your life. [Read More]